The Only 9 Grooming Products You Need For A Weekend Away

Your kit needs more than a razor and deodorant — but not that much more.

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An X-ray scan of men's grooming products for a weekend away in a purse
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Most men have already chosen and stuck with their favorite shaving tools—candidly, I still use the same Gillette razors my father used when he taught me how to shave as a teenager. Why fix what’s not broken? (I’m definitely not giving up my beloved blades anytime soon)

Although, the bulk of men are lost in the woods when it comes to constructing and maintaining a comprehensive routine beyond shaving. Weeding out products at your local drugstore or luxury retailer can feel like an insurmountable feat. With vacation season upon us - start with the grab-and-go toiletry bag. Fill it with the goods. You'll need the essentials that you can bring with you anywhere. Below you'll find the best men's grooming products to take on a weekend getaway.

Best Toiletry Bag

Best Facial Cream

Best Vitamin C Serum

Best Serum For Redness

Best Shaving Cream

Best Lightweight Sunscreen

Best Smelling Deodorant

Best Fragrance

Best Hair Styling Cream

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