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How To Wear Tinted Shades Like Mahershala Ali

Wearing sunglasses indoors is definitely back in style, but will any old pair of sunglasses work?

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For anyone striving to be one of those people who sees life through rose-tinted glasses, here’s your chance. Sunglasses worn inside are as legit an accessory as, say, a necktie or pocket square, however there’s a fine line between debonair and dodgy. On one hand, they have this inexplicable way of making you feel cool, but on the other, roll up with a pair that’s too dark and you could end up squinting and tripping your way around. Mahershala Ali’s solution is right on: octagonal wire frames with just enough of a topaz-hued tint to give your look the perfect edge.

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Why It Works

  • Right shape: Ali’s specs of choice strike a perfect balance between classic and modern. Rather than traditionally round, the asymmetrical octagon shape is unique and distinctive, while the burnished silver finish is as classic as it gets.
  • Just enough tint: To be fair, the tint in these frames could’ve been any color, because the key lies in how dark they are. Ali’s eyes are still visible, giving the finished look a clean, natural feel.

How You Can Make It Work

As with any eyewear purchase, choosing the right pair of indoor sunglasses requires a lot of trying on. We recommend starting with the right hue, as lenses can be shaped to fit any frame, and that’s what people will most likely notice first. Consider a warm jewel tone such as Ali’s topaz, a lighter yellow-based citrine, or even a medium red/orange hued garnet, as these colors have more of an organic quality to them that works with a wider variety of looks. Then sample a few different frames, from silver and pewter to gold, bronze, and even solids like matte black. Enjoy the process, and let the perfect pair find you.

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