A Cardigan and T-Shirt Combo That Is Comfortable as Hell and Formal Enough

Kevin Hart shows off a look that blends perfect parts of comfort and style.

by Bryan Levandowski
Kevin Hart in a black cardigan and white t-shirt, wearing sunglasses at a red carpet event
Cindy Ord / Getty Images

Can you make a cardigan and a t-shirt — hands down the most comfortable outfit this side of sweats — a formal look? You bet. Exhibit A: Kevin Hart here in a thick knit zip-up cardigan over a t-shirt and tailored chinos. It feels pretty casual, but the fabric and fit of the cardigan itself creates a more polished, refined look that must feel as good as it looks. You could easily take this look from a big event to a night out with the guys. Plus, the ability to zip up should the weather take an unexpected turn adds a functional side as well.

Cindy Ord / Getty Images

Why It Works

  • Hart’s choice of a thick knit cardigan gives the garment a nicely structured shape that fits his body like a glove, easily taking the place of a more traditional, formal blazer.
  • The dark color lends itself to a variety of looks–he could just as easily have paired it with black trousers or even something a bit more fashion-forward, such as plaid or pinstriped pants, and still aced the overall getup.
  • The wrinkle-free white t-shirt worn underneath adds a soft, traditional touch that makes the look both comfy and classic.
  • His accessories add a touch of personality to an otherwise simple look. The black on black shades are a nice touch.

How You Can Make It Work

Go for a cardigan with similar characteristics as Hart’s – that is, a thick knit that will hold its own and not droop on your body. Also, play around with what you wear underneath – a white t-shirt is just the beginning. For a dressier look, try a button-down shirt, or for something sleeker and more modern, go for a monochromatic combo, say all black or dark grey. Luckily, many designers and clothing brands see the value in a great cardigan, so you’ll have no problem finding one of your own.

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