How To Wear a Sleeveless Shirt and Make It Your Own

Think sleeveless shirts are only for gym bunnies and underwear models? Here’s how to get the look down pat for any guy.

by Bryan Levandowski
Joe Jonas wearing a sleeveless shirt

It’s almost ‘sun’s out, guns out’ season, which means shedding as much fabric as possible in order to stay cool and comfortable. Think tank tops and sleeveless shirts or, as they were known in the 90s, muscle shirts. Problem is, not every guy has the muscles to show off. Luckily, Joe Jonas–whose build falls halfway between scrawny and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson–is proof that any guy can get in on the sleeveless action and feel great about it.

Mega / Getty Images

Why It Works

  • The shirt itself fits him really well. It’s not too tight nor too big and billowy. That way his arms still look proportional to his body.
  • It appears the shirt was actually made to be sleeveless, rather than a regular t-shirt with its sleeves cut off. The hem detail around the armholes add a sleek, refined look.

How You Can Make It Work

Not every guy who wants to go sleeveless has the biceps to show off, so the key is to choose a shirt that not only fits (AKA is your correct size) but also one with a tailored fit. This is to prevent the shirt from billowing out as it hangs on your body, which could make your arms look smaller than they are. Also, like we mentioned above, it’s generally better to choose a shirt that’s already sleeveless, rather than to DIY it yourself, as tiny details like armhole hems and shoulder seams can really make a difference.

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