Jared Leto Shows How to Get Formal With a Big Bushy Beard

The bigger the beard, the more wild and rugged the look, right? Not so, says Jared Leto.

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Jared Leto Attends The 64th Annual Grammy Awards

Long gone are the days of the strictly clean-cut leading man. There’s no more refreshing example than Jared Leto and his big bushy beard. Both attended the 64th Annual Grammy Awards in head-to-toe Gucci (yeah, that shirt). So how do you pair formal wear with wild locks and thick facial hair? Honestly, with a lot of care, trimming, and probably a healthy investment in beard oil.

Why It Works

  • Jared Leto is known for his rock-inspired fashion and style choices (aided by the fact that with Thirty Seconds to Mars, he is an actual rock star). So wild locks and big beards are part of who he is.
  • He always keeps it well-groomed maintained (his beard is nicely trimmed and well hydrated).
  • He shaves it, from time to time. The big bushy beard is a great look for Leto because it’s a nice surprise.
  • He pairs it with Gucci aviator sunglasses for an added ’70s vibe.

How You Make It Work

Jared Leto’s grooming playbook is going to be all about maintenance — keeping the beard cleansed and detangled (to avoid dryness and breakage). The best way to achieve this is with a beard oil and conditioner so that hair stays healthy and hydrated. Trimming the beard regularly also gives a slightly more manicured and rounded shape. For those looking to keep it a little more wild, skip trimming and use a beard pomade.

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