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How To Trim Your Chest Hair Like Henry Cavill

Toss a trimmer to your Witcher.

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Henry Cavill shirtless as Geralt of Rivia in the Witcher
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There’s a lot that be can be learned from Henry Cavill in his role as Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s The Witcher: Fiercely masculine independence is overrated, loyalty is hard to find, and chest hair is here to stay. You may not be a magically enhanced swordsman, but that doesn’t mean you can’t feel like one (especially with your shirt off). We won’t knock anyone who chooses to shave it all off, but for those who don’t, keeping unruly chest hair neatly mowed is a great move. Taking inspiration from the titular Witcher, here’s how to trim chest hair — no mutant powers necessary.

The Best Trimmer For Trimming Your Chest Hair

First thing’s first: the right tool will make the process much easier. So you’ll need to invest in a body hair trimmer. Sorry, but a face trimmer won’t come close to doing as good of a job. Opt for a body hair-specific trimmer that comes with separate blade guard attachments. This allows more control of how much hair is being cut off (we’ve all made the mistake of going freehand once or twice). Here are some of our favorites.

How To Prep Your Body Hair And Skin For Trimming

The first step is to start with a clean base. Always be sure to prepare the skin before shaving or trimming. It’s best to trim after taking hot a shower (this will help soften the hairs on the body). “Manscaping is very similar to grooming the face,” says celebrity hairstylist Alexandra Baranoff. “I suggest cleansing hair and skin before trimming,” she adds. “Exfoliate subsequent days after trimming to be free of any possible ingrowns or irritation.” Allow chest hair to dry after the shower. Comb or brush through hair to manage any knots or tangles. This will make it easier to trim chest evenly.

How To Trim Your Chest Hair And Body Hair

Okay, so now it’s time to trim. Start by placing the blade guard on the chosen device. It may be best to start with a longer one to avoid trimming too much hair. Go back with a shorter guard if necessary.

“A number 1 or 2 blade level will shorten hair just above the skin,” says Baranoff. “Always trim following the specific direction of chest hair pattern.”

Starting at the top of the chest, slowly guide the device across each section. Use a brush after each pass to eyeball how much hair has been removed. Continue until the desired amount of hair is trimmed.

And don’t forget the lower parts of the torso. “Very often men will leave the abdominal area with a short layer of hair,” Baranoff suggests. “Use a razor on lateral areas of the body to create a flattering v shape from shoulders to waist.”

Finish by using a pair of barber scissors to even out hair and clip any strays. This can also be achieved by using the trimmers with a longer guard setting. It’s important not to rush through this process.

How To Maintain A Well-Groomed Chest

Most people only need to trim their chest hair once a week. Everyone will develop their rhythm based on how their hair grows and the desired style. If there’s hair on other parts of the body, keep it all groomed at a similar length.

Try not to go lower than a number two (or ¼ of an inch). This will give an overall naturally groomed appearance. Trim every other week to go for a more Geralt of Rivia look.

“Body hair is a fairly personal choice and is often dictated by styles in fashion,” says Baranoff. “Always remember that hair comes back,” she encourages. “Despite the myths, it doesn’t grow back any differently if one decides to shave or trim their chest hair.”

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