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How To Nail A Greying Beard Like Chris Evans

Captain America shows us how to appear fresh faced in a beard that’s easy to maintain and full of distinction.

by Bryan Levandowski
Chris Evans in sunglasses with a greying beard in a striped blue dress shirt smiling on a sunny day
RB/Bauer-Griffin / Getty Images

To be fair, all greying beards technically “work” because they’re natural and all. But we could all stand to take a lesson from Chris Evans’ summer fuzz — a rich brown, well-trimmed beard peppered with grey. The look is clean, cool, and casual, but the way he’s trimmed it at a medium length makes it plenty versatile as well. While he may be on his way back from the gym in this photo, throw him in a suit and he could be event-ready, bedhead and all. Sure, his envious jawline makes the style easier. But it’s a look most guys can pull off.

RB/Bauer-Griffin / Getty Images

Why It Works

The key the Evans’ beard is in the length – it’s just long enough to show the intermingling of his natural brown color and the peppering of grays. A quick trim here and there is all it takes to keep the beard–length and color–in perfect form. It’s also easy to maintain. Daily brushing and some beard oil should do the trick.

How To Make It Work

First, you need to let your beard grow some in order to get the volume. Then, once it’s a day or two past the desired length (we recommend going at least a 1/8 inches). Go in with a trimmer and clean it up around the neck and ears, being careful to preserve most of the length. Finish up with a good brushing and some beard oil to add a soft, healthy finish.

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