George Clooney Is The King of Full Grey

Hail Clooney as the man who made grey ageless! Learn how to look great as nature takes its course.

Karwai Tang / Getty Images

Face it: George Clooney was doing grey before you were doing grey. In fact, there’s a good chance George Clooney was doing grey before you could even grow a beard. Aside from his myriad acting talents, Clooney’s known for two things: being the kingpin of most-eligible bachelors (a title he relinquished in 2014) and having one heck of a head of hair. He’s gone from pioneering the modern Caesar during his ER days to sporting grey without a care, thus tossing the public perception that grey hair makes you look older into the sunset.

Mike Marsland / Getty Images

Why It Works

  • The cut itself is both modern and timeless: a classic textured style that would look great in any color, but whose texture really brings out the salt and pepper tones.
  • Paired with a beard: the fact that Clooney’s beard is also full grey gives the whole look a vibrant, youthful appearance.

How You Can Make It Work

Getting your greys to look as gregarious as George Clooney’s starts with having a few greys to begin with. Guys who are still well into their natural color can easily get the look with the help of a talented colorist, but for those who are already silvery, the key is to find a cut that works for you while showcasing the complex hues of grey such a style is known for. Take a cue from Clooney and try a short, textured look that only requires a dollop of matte grooming cream to keep it in place.

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