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The Only 10 Face Care Products For Men You Need

There are so many face care products for men it’s hard to keep track. These are the best of the best.

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Skincare is kind of confusing. With a sea of products to choose from it can be hard to define what gives the most bang for your buck and the results you’re looking for.

The reason: Faces are the most delicate skin areas and bear the brunt of everything from sweat to sun exposure, showing fatigue and signs of aging easily. In order to turn back the tide, you need a routine. Think of this as your skin’s equivalent of fighting belly fat — if you don’t put in the time and treat yourself right, it’s not going to get better.

Fortunately, skincare is a lot easier than fitness. A powerful cleanser to take a day’s worth of dirt and sweat off, a great anti-aging eye cream to keep fine lines away, and an SPF to prevent sun damage. Where to start? We cut through the noise and have curated the best products for your face right now. Consider these the essentials you won’t stop talking about.

Best Facial Cleanser

Starting off with a cleanser from La Roche Posay that will make your skin feel fresh and energized. Not only is this cleanser available at just about every drugstore, it’s well priced and lasts a long time. It’s a gentle foaming cleanser with very few frills and lots of hydrating ingredients like niacinamide and ceramides. You’ll be taking care of your skin barrier and thoroughly washing off the day, what more could you need?

Best Hydrating Toner

Simply put, a toner takes the final pass at cleansing your skin after your cleanser. It makes sure there isn’t any lingering dirt, sweat, oil, or SPF left (by removing any residue left behind). Your toner also pH balances your face after splashing water onto it, essentially calming your skin and prepping it for your routine. The best toners won’t strip your face and are hydrating. We love this one from Belif, it's tried and true and loved by many. It plumps your skin with hyaluronic acid and leaves your skin looking balanced, hydrated and healthy.

Best Exfoliating Treatment

Everyone needs to buff those dead skin cells every now and then. Try introducing this resurfacing mask from Youth to The People into your routine twice a week. It’s an amazing multipurpose product to have on hand, gently exfoliating with fruit enzymes and micro-exfoliating bamboo while energizing skin with yerba mate and guayusa extracts. It’s truly like giving your skin a cup of coffee.

Best Soothing Facial Serum

You’ll love this lightweight gel serum and its amazing abilities to calm skin. If you have any dry patches, eczema, or redness, this serum is perfect for you. And if you don’t, this serum does an amazing job of taking care of your skin underneath the surface. Meaning, either preventing or keeping acne and dryness at bay due to its anti-inflammatory nature.

Best Energizing Eye Cream

Back again with the caffeinated products. Hey, we need caffeine wherever we can get it! Our under-eye area needs TLC (the skin under the eyes has the thinnest skin on our face). The eyes are the first place to suffer from dryness, show a lack of sleep, and signs of aging. This eye cream from the Inkey List is not only hydrating but is fabulous at reducing puffiness and under-eye bags. You can trick everyone by thinking you got a full night of sleep with this must-have.

Best Daily Moisturizer

This is a drugstore product that’s universally loved. This oil-free moisturizer is perfect for all skin types, even sensitive as it is fragrance-free. It’s lightweight, contains hyaluronic acid and ceramides to support your skin barrier, and can be used year-round. Dare we say it’s the perfect moisturizer. If anything, you should always have a bottle of this in your bathroom — always knowing you can count on it as a staple.

Best Facial Sunscreen

The best part about this sunscreen is it’s clear. Seriously, it’s completely invisible. You won’t have to worry about a whitecast or feeling greasy after applying, it’s oil-free and ideal for oily skin types. It offers SPF 40 and is both sweat and water-resistant (always use a minimum of SPF 30). Remember, you should be protecting your skin with sunscreen daily, not just when you take a trip to the beach!

Best Beard Treatment

This lightweight beard oil will not only condition your beard (or scruff) to keep it tamed and soft but will add shine too. It has a woodsy smell, with Sandalwood, Cedarwood, and Eucalyptus extracts. You don’t have to worry about it irritating your skin underneath as it’s meant to hydrate and prevent ingrowns as it conditions coarse hairs.

Best Post-Shave

Men often forget to take care of the skin under their beards. This can lead to dryness and irritation. Here's an alcohol-free formula from Bevel that soothes and calms freshly shaved skin. It uses lactic and salicylic acids (active ingredients that exfoliate skin helping to prevent dark spots, hair bumps, and scarring).

Best Lip Balm

This lip balm covers two important factors - moisture and sun protection (agaist UV rays). It's fragrance-free, flavorless, and non-greasy (meaning you'll use it). The slim tube makes it easy to carry and reapply throughout the day. Get your hands on this and kiss chapped and sun-damaged lips goodbye for good.