How To Look Good In A Workwear-Inspired Suit

Ewan McGregor shows us how to make workwear look great on any occasion.

by Bryan Levandowski
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A man wearing a workwear-inspired suit
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If there’s one outfit that perfectly signifies just how the times are a’changing for men’s fashion, the workwear is it. With a jacket that falls somewhere between a mechanic’s overshirt, a bomber jacket and a trench coat, and cropped relaxed-fit trousers, it’s a mix of industrial and classic that has a neo-noir feel about it. It stares the traditional suit in the face and says: Go ahead, I dare you. It’s young and hip, but the fact that 51 year-old Ewan MacGregor looks so amazing in it means any guy could easily pull it off.

Karwai Tang / Getty Images

Why It Works

Each piece is quite classic: an overshirt-type jacket with two large pockets and a pair of matching trousers, two pieces that work for every guy. The impact is in the pairing.

  • Worn over a standard white t-shirt, it’s simple and elegant. The jacket can even go if it gets too hot.
  • The cropped trousers add a very trendy touch, but regular length would also work.

How You Can Make It Work

The uniformity of the jacket and trousers is what makes this look work, however there’s a fine line between uniformity and uniform, therefore you’ll want to choose a top and bottom with just enough detail to stand out to avoid looking like you’re wearing prison garb. Also, choose a color that goes well with the rest of your wardrobe so you can get the most out of each piece separately.

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