The Bald And The Beautiful

Donald Glover Reminds Us ‘Tis The Season To Shave Your Head

There’s nothing like a buzzcut to stay cool and comfortable in the summer. Here’s how to do it right.

by Bryan Levandowski
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Donald Glover with his shaved head
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For some guys, their hair is their thing and should be left alone, but for others, the heat and humidity of the summer is the perfect time to just lop it all off and let your head breathe. Take a cue from actor/rapper/singer/general impresario Donald Glover, whose freshly-shaven head is giving us major style motivation for the summer and beyond. How does the multi-talented Glover, who’s also known for his famous fros, ditch all that hair without sacrificing his signature personality? Keep reading to find out.

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Why It Works

The cut itself is clean and uniform, with no razor burn or patchiness to speak of. If you’re already great at shaving your head, by all means keep at it, but if it’s your first time, seek the help of a barber, who can ensure a terrific shave done right.

  • Glover also gave his beard a pretty significant trim, creating the ideal proportion between head and beard.

How You Can Make It Work

Like we said, if this is your first go at a buzzcut, definitely sit yourself down in the barber’s chair for a professional touch. If you’re confident enough to do it yourself, be sure to use a fresh razor and even splurge for a model made specifically for the head to avoid nicks and razor burn. Also, invest in a good aftershave balm to slather on your head daily, as well as sunscreen to protect that precious scalp skin from the sun. Lastly, if you want to go the full nine yards, consider giving your beard a trim as well so it matches up with your newly-shorn look.

Get The Tools

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