The Most Comfortable Shoes For Men, According to 12 Dads

From sneakers and pure-comfort kicks to golf shoes and sandals, here are the pairs of shoes real dads can't live without.

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Originals superstar white shoes for men by Adidas

What makes the ideal shoe? There isn’t a singular pair. But there are criteria, the most important of which is comfort. After all, dad shoes are more than just fashionable footwear. They’re chariots that help you cart your kids from the living room to potty in the nick of time. They’re shock-absorption systems for Baby Bjorns and piggyback rides. They’re catapults, capable of turning a mild-mannered father into a super dad when extraordinary reflexes mandate a sprint from one end of the kitchen to the falling juice cup at the other. TLDR: finding the most comfortable shoes for men makes a big difference.

It’s hard to determine comfort when you’re shopping online. So, for that reason, we asked 11 men to tell us the most comfortable shoe they’ve ever bought. Some recommended classics (converse; pumas). Others, with more than a few qualifiers, recommended pure-comfort footwear like Tom’s Shoes, and, yes, those dad-classics, Tevas. Still others recommended specific yard shoes and golf shoes that keep their feet warm and comfortable all day when they’re doing what they love. All of this footwear come branded as the most comfortable shoes these men have ever worn. Here are their selections.

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