One Word, Momoa!

How to Pull Off an Open Chested Shirt (No Momoa-Sized Muscles Required)

It's time to let loose, all it takes is a little confidence and some accessorizing.

by Bryan Levandowski
Jason Momoa in an unbuttoned black shirt and a purple blazer in front of a blue background

For many guys, opening their shirts beyond the top button is a little too synonymous with Saturday Night Fever or an Italian film from the 60s. But done right, showing a little skin can add a relaxed feeling to a look and let a little air in for a win-win style situation. As Jason Momoa demonstrates, the buttons on a shirt are for more than just keeping it closed. One might think it takes the body of Aquaman, but the right accessory can make this look work for anyone who dares.

Why It Works

  • Adding a bold necklace lets Momoa express more of his signature style.
  • It creates a casual look without appearing sloppy, allowing air in and letting your chest breathe–a welcome move after a day spent in a tie and jacket.
  • The contrast lapels add unique lines and texture to the overall look.

How You Can Make It Work

While Jason Momoa passed the third and even fourth buttons, most guys will opt to stop at the third, exposing just enough skin for comfort and casualness. Plus, without the added bold jewelry like Momoa, going past the third button could look a bit unkempt. Also, be sure that the shirt is ironed and even starched, as nothing will ruin an unbuttoned look like droopy lapels. The biggest tip is adding a bold necklace, it increases the element of style while distracting from the chest area. Perfect for anyone who wants to ease into exposing more of their chest.

It’s All About The Accessories