It's Parka Season

The Best Winter Parkas to Wear on Seriously Cold Days

Waterproof, insulating as hell, and packed with thoughtful touches, these parkas are a worthy investment

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Maybe you’re one of those guys who can wear mesh shorts and a fleece all winter long and not bat an eye. Good for you, you strange creature. For the rest of us, nothing beats back the cold like a big, cozy parka. No outerwear can shepherd you through the dregs of winter quite like one. Sure, there are other layers you could mix and match, but think of it this way: You’re not driving a speedster in a blizzard. The parka is the souped-up, tough-as-nails, historical and yet modern jacket that can stand up to rain, sleet, snow, slush, and the hated “wintry mix.” Waterproof, insulating as hell, and traditionally featuring a wide, lined hood, the best parkas are a worthy investment. From a teched-up number with a battery powered heat source, to more traditional versions that have tons of thoughtful touches, here are six men’s parkas to get you through the cold.

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