The Best Dress Boots

The Best Men’s Dress Boots to Wear This Season: 7 Pairs to Know

From lace-ups to pull-ons to the always classic Chelsea, these boots are the easiest way to step up your fall style game.

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3 mens dress boots featured on a navy blue backdrop

There’s no easier way to take an outfit from meh to man, I look good than a great pair of boots. While rugged work boots deserve acclaim — and space in your closet — we’re talking about the dressier kind: lace-up, zip-up, or pull-on boots that you can wear with chinos to the office or jeans on the weekend. They’re comfortable, durable, and the simplest way to up your style game. With the help of, say, a pair of Chelsea boots or a great-looking pair of lace-ups, an otherwise ordinary outfit becomes something much more. Boots with chinos? Boots with office wear? Boots with jeans and a henley? The combos work.

The best men’s dress boots have a lot going for them. They can be styled with jeans or subbed in for loafers. They’re strike the ideal balance between streamlined and bulky. And they have more in common with lace-up dress shoes. Think fine leather, rich, burnished colors, and details like wingtip perforations or ornate stitching. If you’re looking to up your dress boot game this season, here are our favorite new pairs — all of which are surprisingly affordable.

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