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Every Guy Needs A Long Sleeve Henley. These 8 Are Our Favorites

It's comfortable, versatile, and flattering as hell. Everyone looks good in one.

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3 long sleeve henley shirt for men featured on a blue back drop

To the untrained eye, the henley is merely a long-sleeved shirt with a few buttons on it. Big whoop, right? Those who know about the henley know that, much like a polo shirt, it’s the secret weapon in every man’s wardrobe. The shirt, which owes its name to the fact it was first worn by rowers in the town of Henley-on-Thames, looks good on pretty much everyone and boasts a rugged charm that’s as effortless as it is timeless. Seriously. Worn by itself or as a layer, it just works.

The best henleys for men are flattering as hell and wildly versatile. You can wear one with classic blue jeans or slim chinos, throw one on under a cardigan or a denim jacket, or wear it by itself with a few buttons open. It’s hard to look bad in a henley, but to look great in one, keep a few basics in mind. A henley should fit similarly to your favorite tee. That is, it should cling to your frame but not fit tightly, showcasing your shoulders and chest. It shouldn’t hang too low; rather, it should hit just below or at your belt line. Wear a henley once and it will quickly become one of your go-to shirts. Here are some of our favorite offerings.

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