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Anthony Anderson Knows How to Pair a Short Haircut With a Big Beard

Stay cool, but keep the beard.

by Bryan Levandowski
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Anthony Anderson walking in a red blazer with a short haircut and big beard
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While there’s no hard and fast rule to how a guy “should” wear his hair or beard, most barbers will recommend something that’s flattering (AKA proportional) to your head and face shape. To get an idea of what this might look like, take a look at comedian Anthony Anderson, whose low-cut natural hair blends seamlessly with his mid-length beard. Not only is the look aesthetically on-point, but the shorter length is also ideal for the hot summer months.

RB/Bauer-Griffin / Getty Images

Why It Works

  • Back to that thing about proportion, the hair/beard combo is overall a great look for Anderson. It accentuates his face shape and is easily manageable.
  • Individually, the low cut of his hair and short twist work well with the natural texture and allow him to stay cool.
  • The razor-sharp edging around his sideburns and hairline creates a super sharp overall look.

How You Can Make It Work

Admittedly, you’ll need some help getting this look for yourself, at least at first. Ask your barber to help you decide on a hair length that works with your face shape, as well as your beard. Styling-wise, have fun with the hair, just be aware that maintaining such a sharp edge will require a trim at least once a week. And whatever you do, keep that beard brushed and oiled so it looks neat, because a beard that great deserves nothing less.

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