Steve Calechman

Steve Calechman is a freelance journalist who regularly writes about anything under the wellness umbrella from stress management to fitness to communication.

Steve was a long-time contributing editor for Men’s Health and his work has appeared in The Boston Globe Magazine, Mindful, Harvard Health, and Vox. He lives just north of Boston with his wife, two sons, dog, and pathetic lawn.

Money Talks

How To Talk About Money Without Stressing Yourself Out

Okay, fine. Without stressing yourself out so much.


How To Network When You Never Really Leave Your Home

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Response Unit

4 Useful Ways To Respond To Someone’s Big Emotions

Because when someone in your life — a friend, your spouse, your child — becomes very emotional, how you show up for them speaks volumes.


How To Read The Room Like A Pro

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Howdy, Stranger

7 Fool-Proof Ways To Leave A Great First Impression

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Good Talk

How to Tell Your Partner You Need A Little Bit More From Them

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What To Say When Your Partner Never Follows Through

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Support System

How To Be As Supportive As Possible When Your Partner Needs It

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Talk The Talk

5 Ways To Tell Someone You’re Upset Without Feeling Weird About It

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Why You Shut Down When You’re Angry — And How To Stop

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How To Be More Vulnerable In Your Relationships

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So, You’re An Introvert. Should You Explain That To Others?

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The Right Words

What To Say To A New Dad To Really Make A Difference

The sentiment you want to get across is:“Wherever you are, whatever you’re feeling, I’m here with you.

Tough Talks

How To Tell Someone You Cheated On Them

There isn’t a good way to deliver the news. But there is a best way.


Want To Be More Trustworthy? Master These 5 Skills

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How To Get People To Actually Listen To You

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Life Skills

The Right Way to Tell Your Partner You Were Wrong

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Tough Talks

How to Tell a Friend He Should Get a Divorce

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Charm Offensive

How To Instantly Be More Charming

Charm can get you very far. Here’s the secret to sweeping others off their feet.

Big Talks

Need Your Partner To Make A Big Change? Here’s The Best Way To Ask Them.

We're not saying it will be easy. But there is a best way to go about asking.