Elizabeth Earnshaw

Elizabeth is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Clinical Fellow of The American Association of Marriage & Family Therapy. She is the Head Therapist at Ours, where she is working to make relational wellness mainstream & accessible. She also owns A Better Life Therapy in Pennsylvania & New Jersey, where she supports clinicians who are helping couples every day. Her book, "I Want This to Work," is out now.

Fight Club

Your Partner Complains (A Lot). You Get Annoyed. You Fight. Here’s How To Break The Cycle

This is how to attack the issue as a team.

Fight Club

Want to Argue Less? Learn How Your Partner Wants To Be Listened To

The “You’re not listening to me!” argument tends to be more accurate when thought of as: “You’re not listening to me the way I want you to.

Fight Club

Want to Fight Less? Stop Policing Your Partner’s Feelings.

Telling your partner they don’t actually feel or think a certain way only leads to frustration and disconnection. Here’s how to keep yourself in check.

Fight Club

How (And Why) to Stop Keeping Score In Your Marriage

The goal is to create a partnership, not a ledger.

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You Want to Decompress. Your Partner Wants to Be Productive. Another Fight Ensues.

It’s easy to butt heads again and again about how one spends their downtime. Here’s how to stop the arguments once and for all.

Fight Club

How to Solve The “Why Didn’t You Just Ask?” Argument Once and For All

Recognizing the invisible work done to keep the family running is half the battle.