Candace Nagy

Candace is a contributing writer for several BDG brands, including Scary Mommy, Bustle, Romper, MIC, and Fatherly. She covers a wide beat but particularly loves digging into the nitty gritty behind your burning relationship and health questions—like why your pre-teen’s pits already stink—just as much as creating fun food content that takes the boredom out of feeding your family.

While obtaining degrees in journalism and women’s studies, she dreamt of becoming the next real-life Carrie Bradshaw but instead went into entertainment, beginning her career at Sony Pictures in her hometown of Culver City, California, a.k.a. The Heart of Screenland. One divorce and two amazing children later, she dove into freelance writing to pursue her real passions—storytelling, food, travel, and remaining barefoot wherever possible. Her work can be found floating amongst the vast internet universe, including at EatingWell, The Spruce Eats, The Mediterranean Dish, and Clean Plates.

When not racking her brain for awfully abnormal antonyms and alliterations or pounding away at her ramshackle keyboard, she’s definitely cooking up something—be it food or fantastical ideas—or can be found in some far-off (or near) land with her children exploring nature, daydreaming, creating art, or devouring pint after pint of Häagen-Dazs ice cream.

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