Wiz Khalifa’s Turkey Burger Recipe Is Next-Level

“I have been eating them for over 15 years and everyone who knows me, knows they hold a special place.” 

by Fatherly
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Joy Velasco for Fatherly

When Wiz Khalifa cooks for friends and family, there’s one meal that stands above the rest.

“Turkey burgers are one of my favorite comfort meals,” says the rapper, singer, actor, and father of one. “I have been eating them for over 15 years and everyone who knows me, knows they hold a special place.” This turkey burger recipe, which Khalifa has dubbed the “Taylor Gang Turkey Burger”, comes courtesy of Khalifa’s newly launched “HotBox By Wiz”, a delivery-only national restaurant chain. Khalifa curated the menu, which includes options like wings, sandwiches, chips, and more based on his favorite 420 eats. Items on the menu can be ordered through most delivery apps.“The Dad Special” is a celebration of food, family, and fathers who cook. Featuring chefs, celebrities, and kitchen crazy dads, this collection highlights meals — from family secrets to quick kid delights — meant to honor time spent at the table.But that doesn’t mean the food isn’t kid friendly. Hardly. Khalifa regularly serves up this turkey burger, his Dad Special, for his son Sebastian. “He loves them too,” says Khalifa. “So it’s been fun sharing meals together.”

Wiz Khalifa’s the Taylor Gang Turkey Burger Recipe


  • 8 oz seasoned turkey burger patty of your choice
  • 1 oz melted butter
  • 1 brioche bun
  • 1 piece of lettuce
  • 2 tomato slices
  • 1 slice of red onion
  • 2 oz mayonnaise


  1. Place the seasoned turkey burger on a preheated flattop (or grill).
  2. Cook the turkey burger for approximately 8 min (or until it reaches an internal temperature of 165* F, flipping midway through).
  3. Place butter on the flattop and toast the inside of both brioche bun halves for ~1 min.
  4. Once the burger is cooked through, assemble the burger beginning with the bottom bun, add the lettuce, followed by the burger patty, tomato slices, red onion, mayonnaise, and finish it off with the top bun.
  5. Wrap the turkey burger, light up, and bite down.

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