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Who Are All these Wizards and Witches In ‘The Crimes of Grindelwald?’

Refresh your memory now, so you don't feel like you've been Confunded during the movie.

J.K. Rowling slowly waded us into the wizarding world with Harry Potter, adding more and more characters gradually. As Harry learned more about the extraordinary world, we were right there with him. This is exactly the opposite of what Fantastic Beasts did. For better or worse, Rowling just threw fans in the deep end and dove into her new story, adding characters left and right. Of course, most of these characters are sneakily connected to Harry Potter characters as well. Magic is already a little confusing, but even muggle Jacob Kowalski is going to be very overwhelmed by all of these new faces. Unless you spend your days reading Fantastic Beasts theories, it might get a little confusing. Old characters are getting reintroduced by new actors who are playing their younger selves. Some of new characters are also slyly the ancestors of not-yet-born, future Death Eaters. We’re here to refresh your memory and make your Crimes of Grindelwald viewing experience more enjoyable with this crib sheet.