These Streaming Yule Logs Take the Edge off Christmas

The holidays are tough, annoying, and often generic. These yule logs aren't.

by Fatherly

In theory, most holiday gatherings are full of love, gifts, reflection, and good food. But, in reality, there’s just a lot logistics, travel stress, planning stress and gift-giving stress. And if you have a child or two, this holiday stress is on top of regular of having a kid. What can you do about any of that? Nothing. At all. However, if you do have a holiday gathering coming up, one of off-beat streaming Yule Logs might make your holiday a little weirder than it would have been otherwise.

Here are nine streaming Christmas Yule Logs to take the edge off your holiday.

9. Doctor Who Christmas

The long-running lighthearted sci-fi show might not have a Christmas special this year, but there is a cozy streaming yule log featuring a roaring fire and a blue police box that is actually a time machine.

8. The Property Brothers

If you’re a big Property Brothers fan, then this yule log video was made for you. Watch Jonathan and Drew Scott awkwardly sprawl, make eye contact and try to survive in front of an electric fire for an hour and nine minutes.

7. Minecraft Yule Log

If you want a twist on the classic yule log and you love Minecraft, you could watch this fire built in a video game crackle and burn.

6. Josh Groban Yule Log

You can’t go wrong with this yule log. Josh Groban’s Christmas album, Noel, plays alongside this fire. Put this on while you’re decorating the tree or opening presents.

5. Deadpool’s ‘Pool Log

Of course, Deadpool has his own yule log. But of course, he has his own profane twist on the idea. He’s burning a bag of feces rather than logs, so watch at your own risk.

4. Traditional Yule Log

If you just want to listen to classic Christmas music with absolutely no gimmicks, here’s the yule log you should stream. Grandma and grandpa would probably appreciate this version more than the Deadpool option.

3. Lil Bub’s Yule Log

Even if you don’t love cats, you have to admit that Lil Bub’s yule log is adorable. One of the most famous cats on the Internet sits and purrs in front of the fire an hour. It’s adorable. Your kids will be transfixed.

2. Darth Vader Yule Log

Forget logs, burning Darth Vader takes the yule log to the next level. This is perfect for any Star Wars fan and is five hours long, so it’s great to put on in the backyard when you’re reading or trying to relax.

1. Nick Offerman’s Yule Log

This yule log is not suitable for young children, but it is for you. Pour yourself a whiskey and enjoy it with Nick Offerman. He sits in front of a roaring fire and sips his whiskey for nearly 45 minutes. It’s worth it.