The 3 Things You Need To Get Your Kid Drawing And Painting

Give 'em some crayons, chalk, paint and something to work on. It really is that simple. Just remember to embrace the beautiful mess.

by Fatherly
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To encourage some artistic expression in your kid, these are the only bases you need to cover: Crayons and chalk, a surface to work on and paint. For the first 2, bigger is better. Thick, chunky crayons and chalk will mitigate the whole “I have no motor control” thing, and a giant roll of craft paper spread on the floor means they won’t have their tiny imaginations hemmed in. As for paint, with watercolors and homemade finger paints you don’t have to worry if any of it gets into their mouth (pro tip: it will get into their mouth), which underscores the most important part of the whole exercise. Teaching kids art is messy — embrace it. Some day, that mess could be worth millions.

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