Spin a Silly Spidey Story with a Web to Match

'Marvel's Spidey and His Amazing Friends' can inspire your kid and their amazing friends to tell an awesome story together.

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Stories are an essential part of any happy childhood, whether it’s books read aloud at the local library, bedtime tales concocted by creative parents, or the web-slinging adventures of arachnid-inspired Super Heroes Ghost-Spider, Miles, and Spidey. And as valuable as absorbing stories is for young minds, telling their own tales might be even better. This game grounds original, collaborative storytelling in a world kids already know (so they’re not beginning their stories from scratch) while giving them a chance to work with a team of their own amazing friends the way Spidey works with his.

Prep Time: none

Entertainment Time: 30 minutes

Energy Expended by Child: minimal

What You Need:

  • One ball of yarn (or, in a pinch, another kind of rope or string)

How to Play:

You’ll need at least three or four players for this activity, so it’s best to tackle when your kid and their buddies are all together and ready to work as a team. You’d do well to emphasize the importance of Spideyesque teamwork before the game begins, as it can really fall apart if a single participant doesn’t cooperate with the others.

Another tip: provide the first sentence of a Spidey-themed story (e.g. “Spidey swung his way between skyscrapers when suddenly…”) to get the ball rolling the first time your kid and their friends play this game.

Give the ball of yarn to one participant, who will be the first to speak. Once they start with the first sentence of the story, they toss the yarn to another player while holding on to the loose end. The next player adds to the story and tosses the yarn to another player, again holding on to the loose end. And so on and so forth until they’ve collectively told an original Spidey story and woven a literal web worthy of Peter Parker himself.


This game is a great way for kids to work together as a team while tapping into their natural imagination and creativity while staying grounded in a world populated by characters they already know and love. It’s a great one to play multiple times in a row because no two rounds will be the same. And while you’ll probably want to keep a close eye on things to make sure the story moves along at the start, kids should pick up the basics of the game without too much difficulty.

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