“Spidey Time” Will Transform a Regular Playground Trip into a Spidey Adventure 

Even the best playgrounds get repetitive after a while. Here's a smart way to get your kid excited about their neighborhood park again.

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With some imagination and engaging storytelling, your local playground can become a proving ground for your kid whether they want to play at Spidey, Ghost-Spider, or Miles. Many pieces of common playground equipment are natural fits for a Spidey story that you can spiritedly tell your kid, narrating their way through an original adventure and cheering them on to glory. All you have to do is scope out the playground and let your kid know, “It’s Spidey Time!”

Prep Time: none

Entertainment Time: 30 minutes

Energy Expended by Child: lots!

What You Need:

  • A playground, preferably one that isn’t too crowded

How to Play:

Some planning will come in handy, as not every playground will have every playground feature, and their arrangement might change the order in which you want your Spidey-masked kid to go through them. Below are some features you’re likely to find at a local park along with a story that you can tell in order to get your kid in a web-slinging, Spidey-sensing kind of mood.

The Monkey Bars become the elevated subway tracks of Spidey’s native Queens. As the Green Goblin starts to make his escape on a train that Spidey just missed, it’s up to your young Spidey to catch up to him by swinging along on the underside of the tracks.

The Spidey analog for a swingset is obvious. The guy literally swings around New York City (and other places) after all. Maybe Spidey has to swing as high as he can to rescue an innocent bystander left dangling from the side of the Chrysler Building. Just make sure your kid doesn’t get carried away and attempt a mid-air dismount.

Climbers, another common feature of newer playgrounds, are another pretty great way to incorporate into your kid’s Spidey park adventures. In addition to shooting and swinging from webs, he has the ability to climb walls and other surfaces perpendicular to the ground, thanks to electrostatic force. So a simple climb at the playground easily becomes a scramble up the side of a building to rescue imperiled citizens.

Slides are a playground staple and a great way to end your Spidey obstacle course. Having accomplished their mission, your kid can slide down triumphantly, popping up at the bottom to strike a victory pose for a Daily Bugle photographer.

And remember, you don’t have to stop there. The more you watch Marvel’s Spidey and His Amazing Friends, the more ideas you’ll get for Spidey-themed playground fun on the other playground features at your local park.


This activity is a great way for you and your kid to get some exercise while taking full advantage of both your local playground amenities and your kid’s love for Spidey. Don’t be surprised if it becomes a regular ritual.

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