“Spidey Sense” Is a Tingling Good Time

It's a childhood classic updated for the Spidey generation.

An Illustrated cartoon of Spiderman
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It’s not as flashy as swinging through the skyscraper canyons of New York City using only webbing that comes from your wrists, but Spidey Sense is arguably Spidey’s most powerful, well, power. This game is great for a Spidey-themed party or any kids’ get-together that could use an easy way to pass the time for a slightly larger group of friends.

Prep Time: none

Entertainment Time: 15-20 minutes

Energy Expended by Child: minimal

What You Need:

  • A table and chairs (optional)

How to Play:

Assemble all of the participants. Sitting around a table is easiest, but you can play without one in a pinch. Choose one volunteer out of every five kids (i.e. if 10 were playing you’d choose two) as the “tappers.” Have the rest of the kids put their heads on the table (or, if you’re playing without one, close their eyes and put their hands over them) so that they can’t see what’s going on.

Once no one can see them, the tappers should go around and tap one other participant on the back of the neck—right where Spidey’s sense is located. Each tapper should choose a different kid. Once they’re done, they should stand next to the rest of the group and tell everyone to open their eyes.

The kids who were tapped should stand up and, taking turns, say “My Spidey Sense is tingling” before guessing which of the tappers was the one who touched their neck. If they get it right, they get to be the tapper the next wrong. If they get it wrong, they stay amongst the Spideys with their heads down.

As they play more rounds, encourage the tappers to pick kids who haven’t been picked previously in order to foster a sense of inclusion and friendship. By the end of a few rounds, everyone will have gotten the chance to be a tapper and a tappee, building up their Spidey Senses and friendships with their fellow players.


This game is a tried-and-true childhood classic with a fun Spidey twist. It’s a great way for kids to take turns being the center of attention and practicing their stealth skills, skills that Spidey, Ghost-Spider, and Miles all depend on. It’s simple enough to play with younger kids and engaging enough that older kids won’t get bored.

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