Get Your Kid Psyched To Play Outside With The Ultimate Recess Rulebook

You want them to play outside. It'd help if you could remember how to play.

by Fatherly
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Much like pizza is every kid’s favorite food, recess is every kid’s favorite subject in school. And much like that Pizza book that told you all the places you should take your kid for a slice, Recess is a big, red dictionary of a topic you thought you knew well.

The book’s tagline, “From Dodgeball To Double Dutch: Classic Games For Players Of Today,” is the perfect answer for the blank stare you’ll get if your kid even looks up from their tablet long enough for you to poorly describe how you and the gang used to play weird games like “Stoopball” in a weird place called “Outside.” Knowing that you’re too old to remember the rules well enough to interest your kid, Ben Applebaum, Dan DiSorbo, and Michael Ferrari have beautifully cataloged, described, and diagrammed 150 recess classics to prime Junior for playground domination.

The book offers detailed explanations of the games, the equipment, winning strategies, traditional rules, and alternate variations you thought you made up back in the old neighborhood. It even includes 2 dozen classic schoolyard recess games from countries where recess is still a thing. Maybe you and the kid can head over there to play a round or 2 — and then grab some pizza.

Recess by Ben Applebaum, Dan DiSorbo, and Michael Ferrari ($17)