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These Photos Of Preschoolers Stupefied By Television Will Make You Throw Your TV Out A Window

It might look like these preschoolers are hungry for brains, but they’re doing something much more benign — it’s called watching TV, and it’s something your family is probably familiar with. Brooklyn-based photographer Donna Stevens created this series, titled “Idiot Box,” as an artistic study in how mind-numbing screen time looks to the observer.

She was inspired to do this project after watching her own son co-opt the family iPad. “In revolt against my years as an art director in advertising, where I created images that offered up a false promise of perfection; my work now endeavors to explore the realities of life.”

Below you can see the realities of the local Brooklyn kids from Steven’s circle of friends, who sat for these photos. She threw on Netflix, asked them to pick their favorite shows, and started snapping away. “None of them talked or moved during the shoot,” says Stevens. If you think children are too invested in TV now, just wait until they discover House of Cards!

Donna Stevens, IsaDonna Stevens

Donna Stevens, RiderDonna Stevens

Donna Stevens, NicoDonna Stevens

Donna Stevens, RhysDonna Stevens

Donna Stevens, EmmelineDonna Stevens

Donna Stevens, MilaDonna Stevens

Donna Stevens, CassidyDonna Stevens

Donna Stevens, DatsunDonna Stevens