Win All The Snowball Fights With This DIY Snowball Machine Gun

Snowball + Uzi = Snuzi.

by Erik King
Originally Published: 

As a father, you know first hand that it’s impossible to out-cool the Cool Uncle, and nothing drives this home like a snowball fight. Because your own flesh and blood will be clamoring for your brother (or, God forbid, your wife’s brother) to join their side, where he’ll proceed to rub it in your face, literally.


So give YouTube star Mark Rober a high 5 — the former NASA engineer and creator of the coolest Halloween costume you ever saw just posted a video explaining how to build your very own snow-uzi (snuzi?) using some PVC pipe and a leaf blower. The concept is pretty simple and features a 15-snowball magazine that can be reloaded in less than 3 seconds, because NASA engineers need that kind of action. And just in case Rober moves too quick for you, his brother (who appears to be the real genius behind this thing) has posted adownloadable PDF with detailed instructions.

Once you’re done, you basically have a cross between Buddy The Elf and a Ghostbuster proton pack, and you know what that’s cooler than? Your brother.

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