5 MCU Cameos We Might See In ‘Moon Knight’

Who's down to clown with Moon Knight?

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Moon Knight on Disney+
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The very awesome Moon Knight trailer has dropped and yowzah: we are in for a ride! Oscar Isaac is bringing the ruckus (translation: all his astonishing acting chops, charm, and pathos) to the role of Moon Knight, the MCU’s newest caped hero. Isaac revealed to Fatherly during an interview last fall that his son encouraged him to take on the Moon Knight role, he’s said that it’s been one of the most challenging and exciting roles of his career. We’re pretty stoked.

Moon Knight clearly has enough to explore by its own damn self: associative personality disorder, a mysterious deep-cut Marvel villain played by Ethan Hawke, and good old London-town. But, of course, we’re also asking ourselves how the show will fit into the wide and wonderful Marvel Universe. MCU boss Kevin Feige promised that the new slate of Disney+ Marvel show characters, including Moon Knight, will eventually cross over onto the big screen. But, for now, we’re asking which MCU characters might make cameos on Moon Knight?

Here’s our thinking on what familiar faces we might encounter in Moon Knight, plus a small primer on this moon-clad vigilante. And if you’re unfamiliar with his Mooness, we’ve got an oh-so-brief primer, to help you out.

Who the heck is Moon Knight anyway?

I once heard Moon Knight described as Batman with an associative personality disorder. And that about nails it: he’s a vigilante with a mental illness that leaves him experiencing multiple personalities–oh, and he is also possessed by–or in service to–an Egyptian moon god. On the Disney+ show, we meet one of these personalities in Steven Grant, a struggling gift shop employee at the London Museum. Gradually, Steven comes to understand he is also Marc Spector, a former marine and trained killer. In the comics, Spector takes on the Moon Knight identity to beat the stuffing out of evildoers, operating (like Bats does) mostly at night. While in most comics stories Moon Knight is just a normal human with great fighting prowess and lots of wonderful toys–in others, the god Khonshu gives him powers that come and go with the phases of the moon. Moon Knight is on the…er…violent end of the comic book hero spectrum: he brings a brutality and mercilessness to his personal and public battles against evil.

Will Daredevil appear in Moon Knight?

Well, now that Charlie Cox is back in the MCU as Matt Murdock/Daredevil thanks to the cameo in Spider-Man: No Way Home, it’s possible that pop up again in Moon Knight. Daredevil is, of course, the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen–which would require Isaac and co to migrate across the pond from London to New York: but this is where most Moon Knight stories take place in the comics. Daredevil and Moon Knight have crossed paths in the comics, sure, but more: Moon Knight promises to be a much darker, grittier show than most MCU offerings to date, and this lines up very well with the tone and feel of the late Netflix show, Daredevil. And, you know, with all the trouble Isaac’s Moon Knight seems to be getting into, he could always use a “really good lawyer,” right?

Will Hulk (or She-Hulk) appear in Moon Knight?

Well, we know that Tatiana Maslany’s She-Hulk is coming to Disney+ sometime this year (which is gonna be awesome). And we know that Mark Ruffalo’s “Smart Hulk” will be playing a role of some sort in this story about a lawyer (another one!) becoming transformed into another green behemoth: She-Hulk. But we also know–because of the strange and magical powers of Twitter–that Mr. Ruffalo was spotted outside the same Budapest hotel where Oscar Isaacs was staying while filming Moon Knight. Might this mean Smart Hulk might also pop up in Moon Knight? Well, the famously loose-lipped Ruffalo, seems to be encouraging us to think so. What about Maslany’s She-Hulk herself? Might this also be a way to tie together these two (granted, seemingly wildly different) new MCU shows?

Maybe even….Spider-Man?

This one gets filed under the “not likely” but also “maybe the most comics-logical.” Spidey and Moon Knight are very different guys–one’s usually cracking jokes, while the other is (apologies for the forthcoming wordplay) brutally cracking heads together. But they have met up many times in both comics and previous animated TV shows, so we know that these two protectors of New York have a lot of history. While this would be a pretty wild first place to see the silver-screen Tom Holland version of Spider-Man on Disney+, it’d make for one heck of a move after the identity-shaking events of No Way Home.

What about Echo?

Perhaps our favorite cameo possibility right now, after the events of Hawkeye, is Alaqua Cox’s Echo. In the comics, Maya Lopez and Moon Knight have teamed up and were romantically involved for a spell. Lopez’s moral ambiguity — she worked for a violent gang, but is also clearly someone with great heart—would also seem a good match for the trouble afoot in Moon Knight. With Echo’s own Disney+ on the horizon, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a cameo or crossover take shape here.

Could Doctor Strange cameo in Moon Knight?

Well, Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is right around the corner, and so, like, literally everything in the multiverse (which means every darn thing) is possible. But this crossover makes sense for two other reasons beyond the MCU release calendar. First, Dr. Strange has some experience with magicks, and if there’s a supernatural facet to Moon Knight’s Egyptian-god connection, then Benedict Cumberbatch’s wizardry might fit right in. Further, in the comics, Dr. Strange and Moon Knight are part of a team known as the Midnight Sons who get together to fight ghouls and ghosts and demons and anything else that involves “damnation.” With a reboot of Blade coming possibly sometime in 2023, and persistent rumors about a new Ghost Rider film, a Midnight Sons get-together could well be in its early phases.

Moon Knight hits Disney+ on March 30, 2022.

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