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Raffi’s Pal Lindsay Munroe’s New Album ‘Frogs and Birds’ Is Straight-Up Great

Lindsay Munroe has the Raffi-approved magic.


If you’re a toddler parent you know what it’s like to listen to the same songs over and over (and over and over) again. Little ones have strong opinions when it comes to their bops of choice. But that doesn’t have to mean a life of Baby Shark on an endless loop! While the more jaded folk out there might find it hard to believe, music for toddlers can also just be straight-up good music. Lindsay Munroe is proof of just that.

Munroe’s forthcoming album for children, Frogs, and Birds is being released by Raffi’s Troubador label on August 27th, and if a musician is Raffi-approved for children, you know you aren’t being sold a false bill of goods.  Did I mention she’s the first person in a decade besides the man himself to appear on Raffi’s label? Raffi’s involvement with Munroe’s songs didn’t stop in the office, either. The singer himself joins Munroe on several tracks throughout the album, which already has me feeling wistfully nostalgic in the best way.

“It was an absolute joy to work with the incomparable Raffi on this, our second album,” said Munroe. “I am so excited for this music to be yours. I envision your children singing along and enjoying the melodies as they learn important lessons about kindness, acceptance, and understanding. I hope these songs uplift and bring joy to all who listen.”

Something I really appreciate about the way Munroe makes music is the way her own experiences as a parent inform her work. She’s the mom of three children with autism, and her songs are often tender and earnest tools informed by their neurodivergence. I played the track “Faces Show Feelings” for my adult stepson with autism, and he teared up talking about how he wished songs like this were the norm when he was growing up.

As of July 7th, you can pre-order Munroe’s album Frogs and Birds which is being released on August 21, 2021.