Knock “Building The Kids A Treehouse” Off Your Bucket List

Building your kids a treehouse should be on the Official Bucket List Of The American Father, and this one doesn't require any woodworking experience.

by Fatherly
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A dad high-fiving his daughter

Somewhere on the “Official Bucket List Of The American Father” there should be a treehouse, and having no woodworking experience doesn’t need to be an insurmountable hurdle to building one. The arborous architects at Treehouse Guides, recommended by top DIY pros across the country, draft plans specifically for first-timers, which require only a mitre saw, a decent set of tools and better-than-average instruction-following skills.

The Alpino Treehouse is the smallest, can be built by one person in about a week and is more or less guaranteed to not kill your kids. It also costs less than $500 for all materials and $32 for the super detailed plans. The end result isn’t just an awesome place for your kids to hang out, it’s big-time neighborhood cred: You’re the guy who built a house for his kids that’s better than their friend’s house for their parents.

If you’re unequivocally not that guy, you can always call in these guys, one of three national building companies that specialize in tree top construction, but then you haven’t knocked anything off the bucket list, have you?

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