You Probably Feel More Put Out Than The Waiter
Don’t project your dining anxieties on to the wait staff. They’re only pissed because you changed your order after the kitchen already fired the lamb, not because your fussy baby needs to eat. Sifton remembers a time his wife had to breastfeed at the table in the middle of a busy dinner service, “The manager, striding through his kingdom, came past, looked down at my wife and me, smiled and said, ‘You know we have a corkage fee.’ I thought that was so great and so welcoming. It was one of those great moments in restaurant service in my experience.”

Skip The Apps
“[Giving your child your phone] seems like a pretty good play if you’re going to the local pizza place, or if you’re eating with another friend and you don’t want to deal with your kid. But if I’m taking my kid to a fine dining restaurant, it’s because I want them to experience fine dining,” says Sifton. “I’d like to avoid having them stare at the phone for $70.”

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