How To Babyproof A Radiator

A crawling toddler and a steam radiator are not exactly a great combo. It's not just the heat you have to be careful of. Lead paint could also be a concern. Read up on how to make that thing safe for your kid.

by Fatherly
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If you live in an apartment with steam radiators, there are two things to consider before winter comes. First, if they’re old and the paint is flaking, you need to make sure that stuff is lead free. If it’s not, get a pro in to make sure you don’t have other leaded paint around. Even if the paint is lead free, you may still want a pro to strip the radiator, unless you have a well ventilated place to do the work, because it’s nasty. High heat-specific Rustoleum is the easiest way to repaint the thing. The larger consideration is location – if your kid is at risk of careening into it while it’s blasting at high heat, get a custom cover built and never think of it again. Until it’s 103 degrees in your apartment and you can’t turn it down because the crazy lady on the floor below you is freezing.

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