Here’s How To Find Every Stroller-Friendly Road Race In The Country

Whether you want to go full-on Mad Max in a stroller derby or just want to avoid dirty looks at the starting line, this directory is all you need.

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Now that running stroller design is nearly as advanced as skateboard stroller design, you don’t have to sacrifice your fitness regimen just because your new workout partner is tiny, slow, and completely uncoordinated. Hell, this one enabled Max King to win the Bigfoot 10K with his 2-year-old literally in tow. The problem isn’t running with your kid — it’s racing with them. Many races frown upon or flat-out prohibit runners from bringing their strollers on the course, so King either lucked out and found a friendly race director, or he consulted Run Stroller Run.

What is now the largest, most comprehensive directory of stroller-friendly races in the world started as an Excel sheet. Mom, marketing executive, and athlete Lara Coffee turned her personal yearly race calendar into Run Stroller Run’s interactive version, which you can filter by state, distance, and event type.

Whether you want to go full Mad Max in a stroller derby 5k or a half marathon that ends with wine tasting is more your speed (or, uh, distance), Run Stroller Run will help get you there.

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