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The 25 Most Insanely Impressive Pumpkin Carvings of 2017

Did you know that pumpkins are technically considered fruit?

Pablo Picasso once said, “sculpture is the art of the intelligence.” When he said that, the famed artist, womanizer, and lover of striped shirts probably wasn’t thinking about pumpkin carving, the tee-ball of the form. But damn if pumpkin carving isn’t great and damn if people don’t get, really, really, really into it. Now that social media (read: Instagram) has made great carving into an orange come-on for sweet, sweet likes, people are getting even more serious and a hell of a lot weirder. This year’s most impressive carvings are so insanely over the top that they do actually rise to the level of art. Great art? Nope. Good art? Probably not. Art that you can put a candle in and then clean off the lawn after a dipshit teenager hits it with a bat? Definitely.

We found some of the most creative, intricate, and flat-out crazy ways that folks have turned gourds into works of art.


Nemesis from Resident Evil


Pumpkin House

They take pumpkin carving serious #philly #pumpkincarving #halloween #anthropologie

A post shared by Adam Daghorn (@adamdaghorn) on

Scar from The Lion King


Jack Daniel’s

Balrog from Lord of the Rings

Pumpkin Rick

Skull in a Skull


Wreck-It Ralph



Watch out for the portals ⬇️ #portal #carving #pumpkin #halloween #pumpkincarving #2017❤️ #pumpkinparty #050

A post shared by Elise Visser (@entity.elise) on


Jurassic Park

Producer Mikey carved a dope Pumpkin #pumpkincarving #halloween @skittle_nipps666

A post shared by Luis Amado (@thepowwowshow) on

Queen Nefertiti

Pumpkin Snack


Poppy Pumpkin

A post shared by Edward Cabral (@edward.j.cabral) on

The Scream

Feed Me

Feed Me #halloween

A post shared by Tom Favorule (@tomeatsnyc) on


"Pug"kin !! #pumpkin #halloween #trickortreat #pumpkincarving #pug #pugsofinstagram

A post shared by Erica Makin (@erikamakin) on



Eye of Sauron

The Night King