Fight Like A Man, Take Out A Child

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Gavin McGinnes

Violent crime rates might have dipped to historic lows over the past two decades, but the past few years have actually seen a somewhat alarming uptick, according to

a recent survey by the Bureau of Justice Statistics. If this freaks you out, never fear. Gavin McInnes, co-founder of Vice, is here to teach you highly effective ways to defend yourself, even if the terror invades your very own living room.

1. Find an appropriate sparring partner.

2. Learn how to defend yourself from a knife attack.

3. Or how to defend yourself from an unarmed assailant by knocking their nose bone into their brain.

4. Even disarm a gun-wielding attacker (“you’ve seen this in the movies because it works”).

Here is the full rundown below thanks to Gavin McInnes.

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