In the latest Disney-Pixar hit, being best friends is hard. The kids in the movie know why.


Watch the 'Luca' Cast Explain Why Kids Are Bad at Friendship

by Harlan Sharpe
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When you’re very young, all you want is friends, but getting best friends for kids is very hard. People tend not to notice this until they’re much older. And if you’re a parent, you notice it a lot. Young children struggle to be good friends. And while its nice to model good behavior for children in various kids’ shows and movies, it’s also nice when a movie or show kind of just tells it like it is.

Which is what happens in Luca. In a new, exclusive behind-the-scenes clip from Disney and Pixar, the kids in the cast of the film talk about the nature of friendship, and why it’s not always just magic and rainbows.

“Friendships at this age can be so intense,” voice actor Emma Berman says in the clip. “Because we don’t know how to be good friends yet! And these are the friendships that teach us that lesson.”

Berman is 12-years-old, so just slightly older than the characters in the movie. Still, she has a point. Kids go through a lot with their friends. So, hopefully, when families watch Luca, some of those painful lessons are rays of hope, too.

Luca, from Dinsey and Pixar, hits Blu-ray, DVD, and 4K Ultra on August 3, 2021.

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