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Build The Coolest Treehouse In The Neighborhood Without Picking Up A Hammer


Every kid wants a treehouse. Even you did once. Then you grew up, understood the technical skill required to build one and liabilities at stake when 10 neighborhood kids monkey around high above your lawn (since even grass is unsafe nowadays), and realized why nobody actually gets a treehouse. Luckily for your kid, Tentsile exists.

Tentsile tents let you to turn any 3 anchor points (for your purposes, that’s technical talk for trees) into an instant treehouse, which means your backyard and every family camping trip just got a whole lot cooler. And if that alone doesn’t make you want one, consider this: it was inspired by the Ewok tree village on Endor from Return Of The Jedi. Seriously, Star Wars, is there any parenting scenario you don’t have an answer for?

Tentsile makes tents for 2, 3, or 6 people, as well as a hammock that is literally next-level — rig up one of these bad boys along with your tree tent and you’ve got a multi-level outdoor living space that would have your kids feeling like the Swiss Family Robinson if they even remotely understood that reference. They even sell hanging ladders to accommodate a more precariously perched setups.

Every Tentsile product is reinforced by the same material seatbelts are made from and secured by heavy duty ratchets and webbing to provide safety, stability, comfort, and the greatest view of the neighbors’ yards you can get without a drone.

Trillium Hammock, $250
Connect Tree Tent (2-person), $495
Vista Tree Tent (3-person), $595
Stingray Tree Tent (3-person), $675
Trilogy Super-Tent Combo (6-person), $1450