The 5 Best Mother’s Day Craft Projects for Kids

Nothing says 'I Love You' ⏤ or kills a half hour ⏤ like a kid making a homemade card.

by Dave Baldwin
different mothers day craft projects are pictured against a sky blue backdrop

One of the smallest, nicest things a guy can do for his wife on Mother’s Day is to get the kids out of the house. Whether first thing in the morning so she can sleep in, or out for lunch so she can enjoy the place all to herself, nothing beats the gift of quiet time or extra sleep. And one of easiest ways to double-down on that already kind gesture is to have your kids make Mom a homemade card or crafty gift while you’re out.

To help you do that, we rounded up five creative Mother’s Day projects from YouTube for kids of all ages. Most require little more than some glue and construction paper, won’t take all day to complete, and are easy to follow along thanks to the video instructions. Better still, these mother’s day projects offer a fun way to keep the kids busy and the finished product, no matter how crappy, will absolutely make Mom’s day ⏤ or, at the least, offset her disappointment when you all come storming back into the house.

Paper Rose Bouquet

Using paper streamers, barbecue sticks, green painters tape, scissors, and a ruler, Shaun & Kyra ⏤ two artsy kids who clearly enjoy doing crafts on camera ⏤ make fancy crepe-paper roses that last way longer than the real thing. All it takes is cutting the streamers into flower petals, feeding them on a ‘stem’ (the BBQ stick), and giving each a twist/fluff. No adult assistance required

Tulip In A Heart Card

A more traditional pop-up card with a tulip in the center, this project from Easy Peasy and Fun involves tracing, cutting, and gluing. There’s even a printable template you can download on which all the shapes are pre-drawn, so you don’t even have to freestyle your best tulip. There are even numbered instructions on the site, in addition to the video, if you want to follow step-by-step.

Flower Pot Wind Chime

This slightly more elaborate wind chime project from Easy Kids Craft requires a little advanced shopping on your part ⏤ you’ll need a small clay flower pot, paints, string, beads, and a Sharpie. Production is pretty simple, though: decorate the flower pot with paint (they adorn it with butterflies), string the beads, and, after putting the two pieces together, hang outside the window closest to mom’s side of the bed.

Heart Flower Card

Another one from Easy Peasy and Fun, this heart flower with bumblebee not only looks really cool, but opens up into a full card ⏤ which you don’t see coming at first glance. In addition to the usual tape, glue, scissors, and markers, all you need is construction paper and green straws. Once again, they provide the printable template.

Paper Butterflies

While this is the simplest project in terms of number of steps ⏤ making these elegant paper butterflies literally just involves a ton of folding ⏤ it’s still a better one for older kids, as it requires finer motor skills. Once both butterfly wings are intricately folded though, all you have to do is tie them together with a pipe cleaner ⏤ that’s it. The more colored sheets of paper you have, the more colorful butterflies you can make.