Get ready for an adorable new Netflix kids' movie with an old-school animation style.


'Arlo the the Alligator Boy' Meets His New Dad In Exclusive Netflix Clip

by Fatherly
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In a forthcoming new animated musical, an Alligator named Arlo goes in search of a family he never knew he had. Yes, it’s the kind of story we’ve maybe heard before, but this new film looks like a keeper.

Coming exclusively to Netflix on Friday, April 16, Arlo the Alligator Boy will also serve as the backdoor launch of an upcoming Netflix kids’ show called I Heart Arlo.

In this exclusive clip for Fatherly (watch above!), Arlo presents himself to who he thinks will become his new human father. For those of us wishing for a bygone era of more simple animation, the visual style of Arlo is fantastic. This feels closer to a Don Bluth film from the ’80s or a ’70s-era Disney movie than it does anything from 2021! This is good news! 2-D animation is back!

Arlo the Alligator Boy hits Netflix on April 16. Check it out here.

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