All the 2019 Grammy Nominees in Kids’ Music Don’t Suck

You won't regret it.

by Alicia Kort

As a parent who listens to songs like “Baby Shark” and “Wheels on the Bus” all day at the behest of your kid, you might have forgotten that there are other children’s songs and albums your child can listen to without driving you insane. “Not annoying” is probably not an official qualification for determining if a children’s album Grammy-nomination worthy, but maybe it unofficially is. An official qualification for potential nominees is that 51 percent of the album has to be intended specifically for children.

The five albums nominated this year are clever, entertaining, educational and teach kids about the world around them. On Sunday night, Falu, Tim Kubart, The Pop Ups, Frank & Deane or Lucy Kalantari & The Jazz Cats will walk away with a Grammy for Best Children’s Album. Some of the songs on these albums are so catchy that you might find yourself listening to them when your kids aren’t around.

All The Sounds by Lucy Kalantari & The Jazz Cats

If you’re sick of the four-note nursery rhymes your kids listen to, All The Sounds is your perfect remedy. Lucy Kalantari explores the sounds we hear and how we interpret and learn from them in 10 songs. For example, she teaches kids about making music in “I Know A Little Fellow,” which features her son Darius playing the cello. You might even learn a thing or two.

Building Blocks by Tim Kubart

Tim Kubart already has one Grammy under his belt. His fifth album HOME won the 2016 Best Children’s Album Grammy award. Kubart’s album Building Blocks, which is nominated this year, examines the concept of growing, which is something children sure do a lot of. His songs sound similar to Young the Giant or any pop-rock band you would find on the Billboard charts, just specifically for kids.

Falu’s Bazaar by Falu

Your kids probably haven’t heard anything like Falu’s Bazaar ever before. Falu, an international artist who has worked with musicians ranging from Yo-Yo Ma to Ricky Martin, decided to make a children’s album. This album features songs in three different languages—English, Hindi, and Gujarati—and teaches kids about East Asia and its culture. Through Falu’s Bazaar, kids are introduced to a whole new, diverse world. Falu’s album also covers the cornerstones of children’s music, like colors, shapes, and numbers.

Giants of Science by The Pop Ups

Getting your children interested in STEM at a very young age can be difficult, but The Pop Ups make it much easier by seamlessly incorporating STEM with music in Giants of Science. With synthesized beats that wouldn’t be out of place at an electronic music rave, The Pop Ups sing about the science behind shadows, sleep and the inventor of windshield wipers. By the end of this album, your kid might know more about the shape of sound waves than you do. This is the duo’s third Grammy nomination.

The Nation Of Imagine by Frank & Deane

Frank & Deane truly understand how children’s minds work because they were able to capture the frenetic energy all kids have and put it into an album. This classic-rock-style album will have your kids on their feet dancing around your living room to “Ants In Your Pants” and “Time To Get Up.” The Nation of Imagine encourages kids to imagine big and go on adventures. The songs are catchy and something as a parent you won’t mind having on repeat.