Check out a new clip from the new Disney+ show, dropping on February 9.


'Alice's Wonderland Bakery' Is the 'Alice' Reboot Parents Need

by Harlan Sharpe
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Did the world need another Alice in Wonderland cartoon? If your kneejerk answer is no, you may want to consider the last time you watched the “classic” Disney film or read the original book. As of now, neither is entirely appropriate for your preschooler. But, guess what is? A brand new animated series called Alice’s Wonderland Bakery.

Debuting on February 9 on both Disney Jr. and Disney+, this series is comprised of 11-minute short episodes in which Alice — who is actually the great-granddaughter of the original Alice — works on recipes in her kitchen. Basically, Disney has taken the essential concept of its version of Alice in Wonderland and turned it into a cooking show for preschoolers.

Now, you might not think kids like cooking and baking, but the truth is, the earlier kids are exposed to these concepts, the better off everyone is! Alice’s Wonderland Bakery isn’t trying to remake Alice in Wonderland, it’s trying to give families a magical and offbeat show that is pro-baking. Check out the exclusive clip above!

Alice’s Wonderland Bakery streams on Disney+ and airs on Disney Jr.

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