‘Ada Twist’ Is the New Pro-Science Version of ‘Doc McStuffins’

From the Obama production company, and the McStuffins' creator, this is your kids' next obsession.

by Rebecca Jane Stokes

Is your preschooler a huge Doc McStuffins fan? If so, get ready to introduce her to Ada Twist, Scientist. Its the next series from the Doc McStuffins creator Chris Nee comes to Netflix on September 28 But Netflix dropped a sneak peek now!

The show follows the eponymous Ada, age 8. She’s a self-proclaimed scientist eager to crack life’s mysteries alongside her two besties Rosie Revere and Iggy Peck. The show’s first look introduces us to Ada in a Ferris Bueller-style voice-over as a shower of bananas appears seconds about from pummelling her. “You’re probably wondering what’s happening right now,” she says dryly. It’s a fun introduction to a fun show.

From Higher Ground Productions, the Obama-helmed company, the show is all about making scientific discovery accessible to kids through stories where friendship and teamwork are central. Plus, at the end of each episode, we get a live snippet about a real-life working scientist whose work relates to the episode the kids have just watched.

It’s that last part that I’m the most excited about. Watching another kid be excited about science is great, but seeing grown-ups who are still excited about it, so much so that they have made it their career, is something I’m eager for my kid to check out. Kids are going to pretend to be what they see anyway, wouldn’t it be awesome to see some of them pretending to be a scientist doing genome work alongside all of those unicorns and dalmations in firefighter hats?