6 Videos of Dads Utterly Failing at Being Santa

Dressing up as Santa Claus doesn't always go according to plan.

by Ben Marx

For some families, Christmas means letting mall Santas do the work of enchanting their children. But for others, it means dad takes the lead on pretending to be jolly ol’ Saint Nick. These unsung heroes don sweltering, constricting outfits, sometimes in warm weather, just to give their kids a sense of holiday magic. Most of the time, everything goes according to plan. However, whether with the help of a little alcohol or just plain clumsiness, things go horribly, horribly wrong. To remind you that taking on the role of Santa Claus is no easy task, here are six videos of dads utterly failing at it.

Rough Tumble Off the Roof

Santa perhaps had a little too much to drink in this classic clip from way back in 2006. While trying to surprise the kids at a Christmas party, he slips off the roof and tumbles onto the hood of his truck. Talk about an epic entrance.

Immediately Recognizable

Everything seems to be going according to plan at first for this dad bursting into his house dressed as Santa. But things fall apart quickly when his daughter instantly recognizes the man under the beard. She puts her investigative skills to the test trying to get him to admit his real identity, and even tries pulling his beard off.

Hoverboard Crash

Remember hoverboards? Of course you do, they were seemingly everywhere for a time until a few poorly-manufactured ones exploded and ruined the fun for everyone else trying to ride them at the mall. Props to this Santa for jumping right on the hoverboard he just gifted a young girl. Unfortunately, his balance isn’t quite as on point as his outfit, and he falls straight on his ass.

Fat, Inflatable Santa

This dad gets an A+ for effort, but unfortunately a D for execution. It turns out that donning an inflatable fat Santa suit makes it harder to walk around without falling straight on your face. Luckily, he misses the Christmas tree by inches when he trips, narrowly avoiding a much more painful outcome.

Putting the Clues Together

This adorable kid ran into his dad earlier on Christmas Day dressed as Santa and quickly noticed that he and his dad wear the same glasses and share the same voice. Later, when his dad gets out of costume, he tries to put two and two together.

Swearin’ Santa

Don’t watch with kids around. This guy’s dad decides to take a NSFW approach to Chris Kringle, and lets everybody know exactly what they’re getting that Christmas.