5 Ways to Transform Your Home Into the Ultimate Fun House

You’re never too old for a little fun in your life.

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You’re never too old for a little fun in your life — or in your home, for that matter. If you’re still a kid at heart, these whimsical interior features will put a smile on your face and a bounce in your step. So slide on down and explore five great ways to add delight to your decor.

Joyce Elizabeth, original photo on Houzz.

1. Sensational slides.

There are different ways to move between the levels of one’s home, but perhaps none is more engaging than a slide. A metal slide replaces a staircase in this chic Manhattan loft. Steely and sleek like the minimalist decor, it seems so natural you wonder why everybody doesn’t get downstairs this way.

Raad Studio, original photo on Houzz.

Of all the places to incorporate a slide, a children’s room is probably the most expected. But take a closer look at how this space might contribute to the budding imagination and creativity of the children who work and play here. There’s a chalkboard for sketching ideas, a lime green desk nook to awaken the senses, a reading loft, tucked up against the ceiling and a slide for homework breaks.

2. Spectacular stairs.

Books are the ultimate fodder for imagination, and they deserve reverent environs. This dreamscape of a staircase is the stuff of fantasy. Broad laps around a monumental book collection and library seating in the center invite leisurely wandering through the stacks.

3. Fire pole fun.

An entry or mudroom is the perfect setting for a fire pole. Much more fun than sprinting down stairs, and safer than sliding down the banister, this straight line will always be the fastest route from point A to point B.

There’s so much in this photo that suggests fun is a high priority in this kid-friendly household. From the bright green car peeking into view to the network of kid-sized courtyards complete with two swings and a fire pole, smiles and laughter seem to have been the central design goal.

4. Secret passages.

Secret doors and hidden entrances ignite the imagination like little else. They pop up in every creative genre, from children’s books to Hollywood blockbusters — and, for some adventurous homeowners, in home design.

The door to this guest room in Washington, D.C., masquerades as a bookcase. Barnes Vanze Architects says that when closed, it looks like a normal door from the guest room side, but from the main hallway it appears to be a bookcase.

5. Hanging out in style.Who says hammocks belong outdoors? Wherever there’s an exposed column, beam or rafter, there’s ample potential for hanging a hammock or two.

If you’re having visions of children swinging Tarzan-like above your furniture, leaving no lamp or vase unturned, take a deep breath and look. Nothing fragile or loosely attached in this photo — just a jovial tire swing inviting its owners to come and play.

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