10 Videos of Kids Freaking Out After Receiving Pets As Gifts

Pure cuteness + big packages = complete insanity.

by Ben Marx
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There’s very little that can top getting a brand new pet as a gift. If a kid has begged and pleaded and you’ve finally caved, nothing quite tops tearing through wrapping paper and opening up a box to discover a tiny animal waiting inside. Getting your kids a pet as a present certainly requires plenty of responsibility on everyone’s part, especially if it’s a dog. But, if you decide that everyone’s ready for a new puppy, kitten, or even a lizard, these videos prove one thing: it’ll make your kid go absolutely bonkers. As these videos prove, even the most stoic kids will lose their minds. Enjoy the insanity.

A Shiba Inu Puppy Makes An Appearance

After waiting six years for a dog, this little girl finally got a Shiba Inu puppy for her birthday. Her mom makes her keep her eyes closed before putting the adorable dog right in her lap. The reaction is exactly what you’ll expect. It’s great.

Drawn-Out Birthday Surprise

For this girl’s fourth birthday, her mom starts out by teasing her with a few miscellaneous pet accessories. After puzzling over what a collar, leash, play toy, and a bed could possibly be for, she finally figures out what her real gift is. Put an APB out for her damn mind, because it is lost.

Puppy in a Box

This girl’s family dog had to be put down after getting sick, so her dad decided to surprise her with a brand-new puppy.

New Passenger

These two kids had no idea what they were in for when they went on a drive with their parents to pick up their new Bichon Frise. The son, who’s in total disbelief, keeps asking, “are you sure we get to keep this?” Yeah, you lucky kid, you do.

Distracted by a Video Game

These parents distracted their four kids with playing Just Dance on TV so their dad could sneak downstairs with a tiny Yorkie puppy in his arms. It takes a few seconds for their dad to get their attention away from their game, but once one of them turns around, the rest quickly freak out.

Dalmatian Puppy

For her 12th birthday, this girl clearly thought she was getting something more impressive than a dancing Dalmatian toy, and doesn’t do a great job hiding her disappointment. Luckily, her parents give up the gag and reveal her real birthday present: a real Dalmatian puppy.

Cat for Christmas

Despite how enthusiastic this little girl is about her huge, last minute Christmas gift, she opens it a little too slow to even notice the kitten jumping right out of the box at the soonest opportunity. Finally, she turns around to discover her new pet.

Bearded Dragon Freak Out

Cats and dogs get all the love when it comes to giving pets as presents, but all this girl wanted was a bearded dragon lizard. Her dad surprises her with an early Christmas gift, and she completely loses it after she turns the lizard’s container around to figure out what it is.

Last-Minute Surprise

No matter how many gifts parents have lined up for Christmas, they have to save the best for last. This poster’s grandson really wanted a puppy, but his asthma prevented him from getting one for a few years. When it was finally possible, his parents gave him the best Christmas ever.

Brand New Kitten

After losing her cat earlier in the year, this little girl receives a brand-new kitten as a surprise waiting for her in her room after school, and she drops everything and starts crying immediately after finding out that she gets to keep it.

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