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The Best IFTTT Recipes For Families & Kids

IFTTT, an acronym that stands for “If This, Then That,” is a service that gets things with an internet connection – like a Facebook account, a smartphone or even a smart home appliance – to communicate with and respond to each other. None of this requires computer programming skills; IFTTT (pronounced “ift”) breaks everything into super simple “Recipes” that tell apps, accounts and hardware to recognize specific triggers and then automate specific actions. All you do is enter account info for whatever steps are required and suddenly you’re like Neo in The Matrix.

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The recipes can make life easier by, for example, automatically texting your partner when you leave the office. They can also convince your kids that you control the house with your mind, by having the LED lightbulbs in the living room go into full disco mode when you walk through the door. We asked the IFTTT team to recommend the best IFTTT Recipes for families, kids, and fathers. For more, check out what’s currently most popular on the site here.

  1. Never Be Asked, “Have You Left The Office Yet?” Again
  2. Turn The House Into A Disco When You Walk In The Door
  3. Get A To Do List On Your Phone Whenever You Leave Home
  4. Let Your Partner Know You’ll Call Back
  5. Know When Any Cabinet In The House Gets Opened
  6. Make Sure Your Phone Never Wakes The Kids After Bedtime
  7. Automatically Save Family Photos To Dropbox
  8. Turn Instagram Pictures into Twitter Pictures
  9. Wake Up To A Fresh Pot Of Coffee Every Morning
  10. Make Sure The House Is Bright When The Sun Goes Down