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My Kid the Rock Star

11-year-old Aubrey Mills can make music with almost any tool handed to him. But he isn't limiting himself to just music.

Aubrey Mills is an 11-year-old Brooklyn kid born into the world of music as both of his parents were in the cast of STOMP. Aubrey is sensational in the sense that he does not only play the drums, but he is able to create music with almost any instrument or tool handed to him. He has followed his father’s footsteps and demonstrates the same talents, while at the same time, he tries to pursue other things in life, including sports, dancing and acting.

This episode of “My Kid the…” explores the medium of being born into your parents world and passing down the torch from father to son, while seeking to the meaning of music in their lives as part of their relationship, and having enough time to be a regular child.

New episodes of “My Kid The” every Wednesday on YouTube.